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Senior Pet Care

We are available to your pet at all stages of its development.


Senior Pet Care

Village Veterinary Hospital recommends bringing your older pet in for exams and blood testing twice a year to give them the best chance of living the longest, healthiest, and most comfortable life possible. This allows us to keep a closer check on your pet’s aging process and detect any abnormalities that may accelerate it in its early stages.

One of the most significant aspects of a senior exam is the blood test. These blood tests, known as “senior panels,” assess thyroid, liver, pancreas, kidney, and liver functions, as well as red and white blood cell counts. Dr. Kelly Jones may recommend a chest x-ray to ensure that your pet’s heart is normal in size and that there are no abnormalities in the lungs.

Senior pets often need medications to help keep them moving comfortable on walks and during play. There is a wide variety of available medications to help senior pets with their joint comfort, brain health, and mobility – our team will help educate you on these medications, supplements, and support items and answer any questions you may have during your senior pet appointment.