Meet Our Veterinary Team

Meet the veterinary all-star team of Village Veterinary Hospital. We’re ready to provide exceptional vet care for your beloved pets.

Meet Our Owner & Founder

Dr. Jones

Dr. Kelly Jones

Veterinarian and Owner
Dr. Jones is a Metro East native and proud Triad High School graduate. After high school, Dr. Jones attended Eastern Illinois University, where she majored in Biological Sciences with Teacher Certification. She spent seven years as a high school science teacher in Mt. Olive, IL (GO WILDCATS!). While teaching, she also worked to earn her Master of Science degree in Biological Sciences from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

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Dr. Jones wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a very young girl and always loved taking care of family pets and wounded wildlife she would find growing up. As a young adult, Dr. Jones still had a love for the field of veterinary medicine and owned a very large variety of pet species over the years (cats, dogs, reptiles, small mammals, amphibians, aquatic animals, and even a tarantula). After her beloved cat, Chen Lee, battled nasal cancer, she decided she most definitely had to become a veterinarian, so she graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. Dr. Jones started working at Pope Animal Hospital in Alton, IL, post-graduation and enjoyed seeing a variety of patients and forming relationships with their families. Dr. Jones loves solving problems, so internal medicine and dermatology cases are among some of her favorite aspects of the field, as well as various surgeries and, of course, all things associated with veterinary medicine in exotic animal species. It has been a dream of Dr. Jones since vet school to own a veterinary hospital, and she knew she wanted her hospital to stand out. Dr. Jones calls Village Veterinary Hospital her “love letter to veterinary medicine” as it truly is all she ever wanted in a veterinary hospital, and she is so proud to call it her own. Dr. Jones and her husband love to travel with their three children and spend time outdoors as much as possible. They often bring the best pup in the world, Lincoln (a husky mix), on all their adventures. Dr. Jones also has cats, a ferret, a fish tank, and a macaw named Jupiter Skyfall, who loves to fly.

Meet Our Veterinary All-Star Team

woman holding dog


Veterinary Technician

Meet Jordan

Years of experience: 3

Jordan started her career in veterinary medicine in Alton, IL, in 2020. She began working as a receptionist at Pope Animal Hospital, and then, about six months into the job, she started working as a technician! Jordan is a California native and moved to IL originally to pursue her hockey career; along the way, she discovered her love for working in veterinary medicine, and the rest is history! Jordan’s favorite part of working in veterinary medicine is the daily variation. She loves coming to work every day, not knowing what to expect. With every species having their own unique conditions and treatments, she never has a boring day at work. Jordan’s future goal is to work toward becoming a certified veterinary technician! Outside of vet med, Jordan is a lover and collector of everything crystal, mineral, and fossil-related! She has an amazing collection that is constantly evolving! She loves to spend time with her husband and two amazing kiddos doing all sorts of sports, outdoor family trips, and traveling! Jordan’s family also has six birds (all different species), three dogs, and one special needs kitty!

When asked, “Why Village Veterinary Hospital?” Jordan said:

“Village Vet is everything I could possibly want as a pet owner. The amount of research that went into every aspect of this clinic is unmatched. I can’t imagine working anywhere else!”

Jordan – we are so happy to have you on our team!!



Veterinary Technician

Meet Amanda

Years of experience: 26

Amanda started her career in veterinary medicine in Mt. Carmel, IL, in 1995. She began working as a receptionist at Mt. Carmel Animal Hospital and then, two years later, started training as a technician. Amanda’s favorite part of working in veterinary medicine is the animals (of course!). She is passionate about animals and their welfare and especially enjoys caring for patients! Outside of vet med, Amanda loves to spend time with her family. She and her husband love having movie and game nights with their two fabulous kiddos. Amanda also enjoys working outdoors in her flower gardens and sprucing up her home’s landscaping. Her family has two cats, Taylor and Emmett, one dog, Charlie, and seven sea monkeys!

When asked, “Why Village Veterinary Hospital?” Amanda said:

“Dr. Jones is not only an amazing doctor – she is also an amazing person in general. I have worked closely with her for several years and know firsthand how compassionate she is about animals and the care she provides for them.
She is a hard worker and provides her patients with a high standard of care. There is literally no other veterinarian I would want to work with in providing care for pets in the Metro East Area.”

Amanda – we are so lucky to have you on our team!!

Bailey employee photo


Veterinary Technician

Meet Bailey

Years of experience: 2

As a child, Bailey grew up helping her dad on their farm. Working with her family’s farm animals led to her developing a love for all animals and a desire to help them in any way that she could! After high school, Bailey started her training to be a technician working in emergency veterinary medicine. When asked what her favorite thing about vet med was, Bailey said that she loves being able to take care of animals so they can return home happy and healthy! Outside of vet med, Bailey enjoys spending time with friends and family and shopping!

When asked, “Why Village Veterinary Hospital?” Bailey said:

“Village Veterinary Hospital is a good fit for me because of the positive atmosphere and our shared compassion for animals.”

Bailey – you have a big heart!! We are so happy to have you on our team!