Veterinary Services

Urgent Care

Is your pet shaking their head or limping? These signs may mean they need a non-emergent trip to see us.

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Urgent Care

Sometimes, things seem to come up out of the blue – an ear infection, itchy skin, a limp, a cough – and when they do, we are here to help. We try to schedule urgent care visits on the same day so we can get your pet back to feeling better quickly.

Emergency Care

We see emergency cases during our open hours if we feel we are equipped to handle the situation. Please call ahead of time so that we can prepare for your arrival or advise you to go to a nearby emergency veterinary hospital. If we recommend you take your pet to an emergency veterinary hospital, this is because we feel that would be the best for your pet’s situation – we will always recommend what is best for your pet. We do recommend the following emergency veterinary hospitals and will refer you to one of them as needed: